Five Hobbies You Can Make Money From and How to Start in 2023

Five Hobbies You Can Make Money From and How to Start

Dog walking, blogging, and producing and selling homemade goods are all examples of money-generating hobbies.

Read about these lucrative Five Hobbies You Can Make Money From and How to Start and their earnings potential.

Hobbies You Can Make Money From

1-. Driving:

Having fun driving around town? By driving for Uber or Lyft, you can earn money while providing rides for others. According to, a review site for money-making platforms, Uber drivers are thought to make between $5 and $20 per hour and Lyft drivers make between $5 and $25 per hour. Keep in mind that your income is influenced by how frequently, where, and when you drive.

You must be the legal driving age in your location in order to drive for Uber or Lyft. Additionally, you need to fulfil particular requirements for your driver’s licence, insurance, and car. Check out our guide to becoming an Uber or Lyft driver to learn more about these precise requirements.

If you like to drive but don’t want other people in your car, consider signing up to be a full-service Instacart shopper, which includes grocery shopping and delivery. Additionally, there are options for food and other goods delivery to households through Uber Eats and Amazon Flex. However, each of these jobs has a unique set of qualifications, so do your research before applying.

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2-Maintaining and caring for dogs:

Try Wag or Rover if your favourite pastimes include belly massages, smooches, and long neighbourhood walks. Using these applications, you may earn money walking, watching dogs, or boarding puppies overnight.

Wag and Rover both function similarly. You must be at least 18 years old, pass a background check, and adhere to other rules for both of them. You build up a profile for each, decide on your own prices, and choose which gigs to accept using the app. (For more detailed sign-up and payment information, as well as how the apps differ in the services they permit, see our Rover vs. Wag comparison.)

On both applications, your earnings are based on the prices you charge, the tips you get, and the services you offer. As you might expect, boarding often pays more than, say, walking a dog. However, your earnings are reduced by both businesses. Wag takes 40% of each booking and Rover costs 20%.

3-Creating content on your blog websites:

Try earning money from your blog if it has a respectable amount of visitors. There are various ways to blog for profit. One method is to use a free service like Google AdSense to host adverts on your site. Google summarises the situation as follows: You get to pick where advertising will display on your website once it has been approved. The winning advertiser then places their adverts in the location you specified after receiving bids from other advertisers. (Users of the same service profit from YouTube.)

When a reader clicks on one of these advertisements, you get paid, albeit it might be difficult to estimate how much. Learn more about Google AdSense by reading our guide to it.

Another option is to write sponsored content, in which case businesses pay you to write about their goods. Alternatively, join the Amazon Associates program and become an associate. This entails including an Amazon product link in your writing so that you can get paid when one of your readers clicks over and purchases the product.

4-Making social media posts:

Love creating a following on social media by posting? Many users of Instagram and TikTok make money by posting sponsored images and videos. Let’s say you frequently post about your exercise routine at home. For money or free merchandise, you might consent to write a review of a retailer’s resistance bands or sweatpants. If podcasting is one of your interests, you may also make money from it through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Sponsors might approach you to create this kind of arrangement; you could also get in touch with them; or, in some circumstances, you might think about using a third-party agency.

The kind of material you post, along with your audience size and activity level, will probably have an impact on sponsorship prospects.

5-Selling products:

Selling products

For just about anything, there is a market. Therefore, if you’re good at a hobby, think about trying to get money from it. Try selling your goods at a nearby yard sale or flea market, or on a neighbourhood website like Nextdoor or Facebook Marketplace, for instance, if you make jewellery or have an eye for fine clothing that can be found at thrift stores.

Alternately, consider an online market that might draw more purchasers. Think about Poshmark or Etsy if you want to sell clothes online.

These websites tack on costs that reduce your earnings. You can use the arithmetic in this online selling method to see if your pastime can grow into a profitable business.

What to think about before monetizing your interests:

Before choosing one of the above-mentioned options, be aware that this effort may have an impact on your taxes. Check out our guide to self-employment taxes for information on what expenses you can write off as well as how to avoid penalties.

Consider whether you will still love your hobbies after applying this new business perspective as you work to make money from them. Let’s say that relaxing with knitting. If you set your prices, advertise, and ship your homemade goods using an online marketplace, will it continue to do so? And the pastime of blogging: If you periodically include a sponsored post, would writing still be enjoyable or cathartic?

Answering these queries could be challenging until you try the money-making strategy. But if you’re considering making your pastime your career, it’s worth considering the potential trade-offs.

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